Grant Programs


SUNSET RIDGE Performing Arts Workshop – Click HERE for how to enroll (space is limited)

-Funded by a generous grant from Ms. Harriet Heyman & Mr. Michael Moritz


Local Grant Projects

The Jefferson Union High School District and the Pacifica School District rely on programs such as SSPA’s to make the arts more available to our youth in Pacifica.

Oceana High School Dance Project:

Since 2007, SSPA has secured over $100,000.00 in grant funding for Oceana’s dance program.  Jenna Monroe along with special guest artists, offer 3 hrs per week of extensive dance training to an advanced group and a beginning/intermediate group of high school students interested in dance.  The students get PE credit for being involved in the project year-round.  The team of professional instructors audition the students in the fall for placement and they work year-round in preparation for a final dance concert in the spring.  The young dancers also have opportunities in working with local bay area professional dance companies.  They are exposed to the professional dance world through master class workshops /demonstrations with the Deborah Slater Dance Company and ODC.  The program gives many OHS students a reason to be excited about school and a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  OHS Principal, Caro Pemberton, states in response to the success of the program,

“While this kind of skill development and success is important in the life of any teenager, for some of these students it is monumental. Dancing may be the only area in their life where they have the opportunity to be successful and to feel proud. When you can see that pride in their physical presence, it is electrifying!”……OHS Principal Caro Pemberton, in response to OHS dance project 2007/2008

The Oceana Dance project has been a success since 2007.  It brings OHS students together as they work collaboratively in preparation for their final dance concert in the spring.  As their love and commitment to dance progresses, they understand the value of hard work and perseverance.  In many, the project promotes self-confidence in the capability to focus on long-term goals that is essential to success in school and in life!  The project also gives many students a sense of pride, self-worth, and accomplishment and as a result they are better prepared for high school, adulthood, and have a better understanding and appreciation for the arts.

UPDATE: For the 2014/2015 year we have not been funded.  Oceana dancers from the 2013/14 company may contact Jenna Monroe for options Spindrift is extending to those dancers.

Sunset Ridge Performing Arts Workshop:

Since 2005, SSPA has provided (along with various foundations/private funders) an after school performing arts workshop course for underserved children at Sunset Ridge Elementary School in Pacifica (a local Title I school in our area).  Due to its success and the continued support of Sunset Ridge Elementary and various foundations/private funders, our program has grown.  SSPA’s Performing Arts Workshop outreach project is four months long for two terms and focuses on music/dance/theatre.  Term one (March – June) is for children grades K-2nd.  Term two (September – December) is for children grades 3rd-5th.  The students meet for an hour after school once a week.  At the end of the four month term, the students have learned basic skills in music, dance, and theatre and use their skills in a final performance – in costume and makeup – for their school, family and guests.  The project is performance based; however, the material covered in class is extensive.   The students study different styles of dance, theatre, and movement.    The project focuses on students’ development in language arts, social studies, critical thinking, and problem solving.  The project’s goal is to fully ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and MOTIVATE students (many of whom have little or no exposure to formal arts training) in the process of theatrical production, from script conception to final creative performance.  The process promotes self-confidence in one’s capabilities to focus on a long-term goal and is essential to success in school and in life.

If you would like to help fund any of the above projects please contact SSPA @ 650-738-8648