SSPA at your School!

Spindrift classes after school held AT your school!! Look for the flyers from your school for all the information! Register here!

Spindrift offers classes after school at many of the schools in the Pacifica School District and beyond. These classes are unique to each school and may only be attended by students that go to these schools. The flyers sent out will have full information. Some schools prefer to do registration through their PTOs so those classes will not be offered for registration here. Like all our offerings, students may try the first week for free! We do recommend enrolling as many of these classes fill quickly.

Winter/Spring session tuition may be paid in 2 parts. Half to start and the second half on March 15. Most classes run 10 to 12 weeks in the Fall Session and 17 to 20 weeks in the Winter/Spring Session depending on the school. Most dance classes will have a recital on the Saturday at the end of the session.

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