Jazz 1/2 PRE-TEEN (Ages 10-12)

Calling all pre-teens ages 10 to 12! Our Jazz 1/2 Pre-Teen class is the perfect stepping stone for dancers who want to take their jazz skills to the next level. In this class, we will dive deeper into stretching, isolations, turning, leaping, and across-the-floor patterns and combinations.

As dancers progress through the levels, they will be introduced to new steps and challenged with more intricate combinations, allowing them to enhance their technique and artistry. Join us in this dynamic and energetic class as we explore the world of jazz dance!

Jazz 3/4 TEEN (Ages 13-17)

Attention, teenagers aged 13 to 17! Our Jazz 3/4 Teen class is specifically tailored to meet the needs of aspiring young dancers in this age group. Get ready to take your jazz dance skills to new heights!

In this class, we will continue to focus on stretching, isolations, turning, leaping, and across-the-floor patterns and combinations. With each level, the complexity of the steps and combinations will increase, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for our teenage dancers. Join us and discover the joy and excitement of jazz dance!

Adult Jazz Classes

We are thrilled to announce our adult jazz classes, designed for dance enthusiasts aged 18 and above! Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore jazz dance or an intermediate/advanced dancer seeking to refine your skills, we have the perfect class for you.

Our Adult Jazz Beginner class is tailored to introduce adults to the fundamentals of jazz dance. No prior experience is necessary, and participants can expect a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere as they learn and grow.

For those with more experience, our Int/Adv Jazz class offers a more challenging curriculum, allowing participants to further develop their technique and artistry. Join us for an exhilarating journey through the world of jazz dance!

Jazz for Musical Theatre Students

If you’re a musical theatre student looking to enhance your skills, we highly recommend taking jazz or tap classes alongside your training. These classes will provide you with the necessary techniques and movements to excel in musical theatre performances.

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Additionally, all our jazz classes for both kids and adults culminate in a memorable SSPA Recital, where dancers have the opportunity to showcase their talents to an enthusiastic audience.

Class Card for Adult Classes

To make attending adult classes more convenient, we now offer a Class Card option! With the Class Card, you can enjoy the flexibility of drop-in attendance for all adult classes. Whether you’re looking to attend a single session or multiple classes, this option caters to your needs.

Join us for a fun and fulfilling journey in jazz dance. Jazz shoes are required for all jazz classes. We can’t wait to dance with

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