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Are you looking for a fun and enriching activity for your child that combines artistic expression, physical fitness, and a sense of rhythm? Look no further! Our dance studio offers a variety of classes tailored specifically to children aged 4-12. From Combo classes that introduce ballet, tap, and jazz to specialized Tap programs for pre-teens and teenagers, our expert instructors will guide your child on a journey of skill development, creativity, and artistic exploration. Read on to discover the exciting details of each class!

Combo 1 Ages 4-7

In our Combo 1 class, we focus on age-appropriate techniques for ballet and tap. Our skilled instructors introduce the fundamental techniques of ballet and tap, emphasizing proper form and execution. Alongside technique, intricate and detailed choreography is taught, allowing students to develop their coordination and musicality. As dancers progress, they are introduced to exciting new skills like turning and leaping, adding an extra level of excitement to their dance journey.

Combo 2 Ages 4-7

For young dancers who want to explore a wider range of dance styles, Combo 2 is the perfect choice. Building upon the foundation of Combo 1, this class continues to develop ballet and tap techniques while introducing jazz. Our dedicated instructors emphasize musicality, spatial awareness, and sequencing, encouraging students to express themselves through movement. Dancers will thrive in this class as they continue to refine their skills and expand their dance vocabulary.

Combo 3 Ages 7-9

Combo 3 is designed for dancers aged 7-9 who want to refine and expand their dance skills. This class builds upon the techniques learned in previous Combo classes while further developing creativity and technical proficiency. With an emphasis on age-appropriate technique, dancers will master a specific skill set that promotes their overall technical growth. Our instructors foster a supportive environment that encourages students to push their boundaries and reach new heights in both technique and artistic expression.

Tap 1/2 PRE-TEEN ages 10-12 | TAP 3/4 TEEN ages 13+

In our specialized Tap programs for pre-teens and teenagers, we focus on honing tap skills and cultivating personal style. These classes place a strong emphasis on clean and clear sounds, musicality, and developing a unique sense of style. As students progress through the levels, they will be challenged with faster and more intricate combinations, providing them with the opportunity to refine their skills and become versatile tap dancers. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping students master the art of tap while nurturing their individuality as performers.

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At our dance studio, we believe that dance education should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our Combo and Tap programs offer age-appropriate techniques, detailed choreography, and a supportive environment where dancers can thrive. Give your child the gift of dance and watch them grow in confidence, creativity, and skill. Enroll today to secure your child’s spot in our exciting classes and let the journey begin!

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