Private Lessons (Acting)


Spindrift offers private lessons in acting. We are available for audition preparation, individual instruction, monologue and scene work. Call the office to check availability.  (650) 738-8648.

gary-schoenfeld-99e2b723Gary Craig Schoenfeld Jr. – Interim Artistic Director. All levels of Acting, Improve and Musical Theatre. Gary joins the Spindrift Team with a long list of performance & directorial credits Gary has been a teacher with SSPA since early 2016. He has most recently been training to take over the position of “Artistic Director”. He is also part of an outreach team dedicating to bringing quality theatre opportunities to schools all around the Bay Area. He has always hoped he would have a job like this. He is ready and eager to help inspire the next generation of great artists.

Casey Robbins_2

Casey Robbins: Musical Theatre and Acting Instructor: All levels of Acting and Improvisation, Directing, Play Writing, Musical Direction.
Casey is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Drama.  Having studied extensively the arts of acting, directing, musical composition, improv and playwriting, Casey can’t wait to share his passions with the community of the Spindrift School of Performing Arts!   His work can be seen all over the Bay Area; most- recently as performer and musical director for Idiot String’s O Best Beloved (summer tour 2014, winner of Best of SF Fringe), as musical director for 99 Stock Productions Millicent Scowlworthy, as musical director for The Pied Piper Player’s Summer Theater Conservatory’s productions of Fourty-Five Minutes to Broadway and The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White, and as Director of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Fuddy Meers at SFSU.

“I believe simply, that there is no better way to learn a craft than to teach it.  The beauty of theater and the beauty of collaboration is that no matter what age, background, or artistic level we may be on, we always have something simple and profound to learn from each other and something valuable to give.  I believe that the artists tools we develop together may last a long time indeed, but the imagination, compassion and trust we build with each other will last a life time.” Email Me Email Me

Paul Kwapy – Instructor: (Not currently available for private lessons) All levels of Acting, Improvisation, Speech, Movement, Character Study & Development. Paul began with SSPA in 2004 and is currently the Department Head for the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Technical Theatre program. He has been our technical director/ set designer for all our main stage shows and directs our summer Actor’s Studios. Paul studied with the acclaimed Chicago’s Second City Improvisational Theatre. He studied theatre at University of Colorado and has worked for the Colorado Renaissance Festival, Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Repertory Theatre and has been performing since he was 7 years-old with many hundreds of performances under his belt.

The purpose of theatre is INVOLVEMENT. I’ve always felt one of our purposes in life is to become comfortable in our own skin. I hope to provide tools to achieve this through theatre training. Students gain abilities and confidence by learning speech, movement, discipline and performance skills that are required in theatre. These are key steps to providing that pathway for students to achieve those social interaction skills that serve them well in whatever they do in life. Email Me