The Monologue Show (from Hell) -Fall Play Production Class

November 22, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Keira Robalino
650 738-8648
The Monologue Show (from Hell) -Fall Play Production Class @ Spindrift School Black Box Theatre

It took Mr. Banks’s drama class three long months to prepare for their monologue show . . . but barely a minute to throw all their plans out the window. From the couple staging their real-life break-up to the garden-gnome thief confessing his crimes, everything that can go wrong will.

“Tonight is for celebrating these beautiful, beautiful children.  Some of the ave worked really hard on this. Some of the rest of….they have not. See if you can figure out which ones!  Ha ha ha ha. If you hear weeping , please ignore it. Thank you!”

And so begins an hour filled with monologues about everything from garden gnomes to a job at McDonald’s. Delivered by over-enthusiastic, less-than-enthusiastic, snarky, distracted, unprepared teens in a tangle of funny.

Presented by the Fall Play Production Class.