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Spindrift School offers a thriving program of Private Instruction in all areas of the performing arts with experienced and dedicated instructors. 

Private Lesson Investment (billed bi-monthly)

30 minute lesson: $40

45 minute lesson: $60

60 minute lesson: $80

For availability and scheduling of instructors in all disciplines, email us at or call (650) 738-8648.

MUSIC | Private Music lessons are available in piano, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, cello, and voice.

Private Music Instructors

Sarah Benzinger         Voice & Beginning Piano  (On-Line only)

Alex Bootzin               Intermediate/Advanced Piano & Voice  (vaccinated students only)

Elana Cowen              Beginning through Advanced Voice (On-line or vaccinated students)

Kaori Denoia              Beginning through Advanced Piano (On-line only currently)

Josh Di Chiacchio       Beginning through Advanced Guitar (ages 10+ and vaccinated)

Luke Doughty            Beginning through Advanced Guitar (acoustic/electric & bass) & Ukulele  (On-Line only)

Luke Elmer                 Beginning to Advanced Voice & Piano (In-Person, Vaccinated students. 6+ pno, 8+voice)

Alex Farrell                 Beginning Piano & Beginning to Advanced Stand -up Bass (On-line)

Larry Ferrara             Beginning to Advanced Guitar  (In-Person, 8+ Vaccinated)

Hyun Suk Jang (Suki) Beginning to Advanced Voice & Piano   (In-Person, vaccinated students)

Chikin Kelley              Beginning to Advanced Violin (Friday Only, In-Person, will offer on-line to non-beginners)

Tatyana Loskutova   Beginning to Advanced Piano (On-line only)

Ami Nashimoto         Beginning to Advanced Cello & Piano (vaccinated students in-person) and on-line,

Paige Relling              Beginning to Intermediate Piano  (In-person all ages)

For instructor bios, click here.

ACTING | Private Acting lessons are available with a focus on audition preparation, individual instruction, monologue, and scene work.

Private Acting Instructors

Gary Schoenfeld

Rachel Clausen

For instructor bios, click here.

DANCE | Private lessons in dance are available for audition preparation, technique development, and to accommodate a more individualized approach.

Private dance Instructors

Andi Salazar

For instructor bios, click here.