Grant Programs

SUNSET RIDGE Performing Arts Workshop – Click HERE for how to enroll (space is limited)

-Funded by a generous grant from Ms. Harriet Heyman & Mr. Michael Moritz

Local Grant Projects

Sunset Ridge Performing Arts Workshop:

Since 2005, SSPA has provided (along with various foundations/private funders) an after school performing arts workshop course for underserved children at Sunset Ridge Elementary School in Pacifica (a local Title I school in our area).  Due to its success and the continued support of Sunset Ridge Elementary and various foundations/private funders, our program has grown.  SSPA’s Performing Arts Workshop outreach project is four months long for two terms and focuses on music/dance/theatre.  Term one (March – June) is for children grades K-2nd.  Term two (September – December) is for children grades 3rd-5th.  The students meet for an hour after school once a week.  At the end of the four month term, the students have learned basic skills in music, dance, and theatre and use their skills in a final performance – in costume and makeup – for their school, family and guests.  The project is performance based; however, the material covered in class is extensive.   The students study different styles of dance, theatre, and movement.    The project focuses on students’ development in language arts, social studies, critical thinking, and problem solving.  The project’s goal is to fully ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and MOTIVATE students (many of whom have little or no exposure to formal arts training) in the process of theatrical production, from script conception to final creative performance.  The process promotes self-confidence in one’s capabilities to focus on a long-term goal and is essential to success in school and in life.

If you would like to help fund any of the above projects please contact SSPA @ 650-738-8648

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