Our Board is a working board.  We have some of the strongest community leaders and best thinkers in Pacifica and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

INTERIM PRESIDENT | Kim Schwartz | Kim is head of the Department of Theatre and Dance at San Francisco State University and a professional Scenic Designer, Builder, and Educator.

VICE PRESIDENT | Ann Rudorf | Longtime SSPA mom and extraordinarily talented caterer & chef. She serves as a private chef and as the Resident Chef for Wood Stone.

FINANCE CHAIR | Leonard Lim | Long time SSPA parent and volunteer as well as a Parent Teacher Organization member at Pacifica schools.


Alex Bootzin | SSPA Founder, along with his wife, Martha Phillips Bootzin. Alex is a voice & piano instructor, musical director, father of two fabulous teens who grew up here and recently retried from his role as Music Director at First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame.

Kirk Hayes 

Donna Hong | Donna is also a seasoned SSPA parent of two gifted teens. An extraordinary human and wonderful team member, Donna teaches 5th grade at Panorama school.

Mike Webster