Ballet Classes


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Combo Classes 4 – 9

Combo 1 ages 4-7

Ballet and Tap; age-appropriate technique is continued and emphasis is also placed on intricate and detailed choreography. Turning and leaping are introduced at this level.

Combo 2 ages 4-7

Ballet, Tap & Jazz; Age-appropriate technique is continued for ballet and tap; jazz technique is introduced. Detailed choreography is continued and emphasis is also placed upon musicality, spatial awareness and sequencing.

Combo 3 ages 7-9

Ballet, tap & jazz combination class; Age-appropriate technique is continued and expanded upon; dancers will master a specific skill set that will continue to develop his or her technical skills along with creativity.

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Ballet (1, 2, 3, 4)

Classes stress correct technique, terminology and proper alignment. The objective of these classes is to create a beautiful combination of flexibility and strength which will enhance your dancer’s performance quality.

Sspa | (c) Kate Haley Photography Llc 2019

Adult Ballet

Suitable for every level; this class caters to the full spectrum of ballet experience, whether a true beginner, an advanced dancer, or a dancer looking to brush up after a hiatus. Dancers will build on basic ballet knowledge in this class, with an emphasis on integrating more complex steps with proper technique. Additionally, students will put their newly refined skills on display at the
SSPA Fall Recital. *Fulfills SDC technique requirement.


*As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we humbly request your patience while we work toward rebuilding our class offerings. We hope to offer our formerly full spectrum of levels and disciplines in the near future.




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