In-Person Camp FAQs

In-Person Camp FAQs

Q: What are the safety procedures in place for in-person camps?


  • All activities will take place outdoors, except when using the restroom (one person at a time.) All available windows and doors accessible to outdoor air will be kept open.
  • All participants and staff will be screened as part of the Daily Health Symptoms Check, including:
    • Screening for symptoms, potential exposure, and awaiting of test results
    • Daily temperature checks with infrared thermometer
  • All participants and staff will practice frequent hand-washing and sanitizing. Outdoor hand washing stations and sanitizer will be in place, in addition to those in the restrooms.
  • Each participant and staff member will be required to wear a mask at all times, except during outdoor, physically distanced lunch breaks, snack breaks, or drinking water from a personal water bottle.
  • All individuals will maintain a minimum of 6 feet or more of physical distance between them, except when staff must provide developmentally appropriate support or supervision (for example: staff applying first aid)
  • Staff will sanitize high-touch surfaces between use.
  • Campers will be assigned a chair and bin for their belongings (Actor’s Studio & Center Stage Dance Camp Only.
  • Any supplies that must be shared will be disinfected between each use.
  • Physical contact will be limited in scene work/staging.
  • Everyone must sign Covid-19 liability waiver to participate.
Please visit the our In-Person Camp Safety page to learn about our safety procedures in detail.


Q: Will there be a refund if camp is cancelled due to Covid-19?

A: In the event of further restrictions due to COVID-19, in-person camps will proceed online via the Zoom platform. Over the past year, we have found magical ways to make theatre come to life online. If necessary, we are prepared to move to a hybrid in-person/online or fully virtual camp program.

Should we need to cancel camps altogether or you do not wish to continue with in-person camp before the first day, you will be offered a full refund, if paid in advance, or be given the option to transfer or hold your funds on account for a future program. Should camp be cancelled altogether after the first day,  you will be offered a partial refund based on the number of camp days not delivered.

Q: Will there be a performance at the end of camp?

A: There will be a performance for Center Stage Dance Camp and Actor’s Studio. At this time, however, we are planning a variety of options, including a physically distanced, masked, outdoor, in-person performance with a limited audience as well as a filmed performance without an audience. As local and state health regulations change, we will notify families immediately. In-Person Pop Dance Camp will not include an in-person performance with audience.

Q: What should students bring to camp each day?

A: Students should bring the following to our outdoor, in-person camps each day:

Daily CLEAR Health Symptoms Email. Guardians will complete a daily Health Symptoms survey on behalf of their minor child that will autogenerate an email indicating whether it is safe for you child to come to camp. You will need to present the response you receive when you arrive at camp and a no-touch temperature check will be performed before your child exits your vehicle.

Mask. Every student will be required to wear a well-fitting face mask at all times during camp. Please discuss proper mask usage with your student prior to coming to camp

Layers and a Hat (for camps longer than 60 minutes.) Our in-person camps take place exclusively outdoors, with the exception of restroom use and water bottle filling.

Comfortable Sneakers. Students will be acting and dancing on surfaces that include asphalt, concrete, and dirt.

Water Bottle. Drinking fountains will not be available but a water bottle filing station will be!

Snack and Lunch (Center Stage Dance Camp and Actor’s Studio only.) Food sharing and leaving campus will not be allowed during camp hours.

Script (Actor’s Studio only.) We are putting on a show in three weeks!

Notebook & Pencil (Center Stage Dance Camp & Actor’s Studio only.)

Please limit bring unnecessary items to camp. Phones and other electronic devices will not be permitted for use by during the camp day and may only be used to contact guardians. We will provide a bin for each camper that will be sanitized daily to keep individual belongings separate.

Please Note: Camp specific and comprehensive health and safety policies and procedures for summer camps will be sent to families prior to the start of camp. As public health and safety recommendations shift, we reserve the right to make any changes to camp policies and structure that are needed.



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