Online Summer Camp FAQs

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Q: What technology do I need for online summer camp?

A: Spindrift’s online summer camp requires a stable internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet computer. Your computer will need to be able to receive email and run the Zoom application with little difficulty. In addition, a computer microphone and camera will be needed if not already included in your laptop or device. We are happy to assist you in setting up your Zoom connection and can run a test session with you. In addition, we have found this tutorial a helpful resource for those new to Zoom.

Q: Will my child wear headphones when on the Zoom sessions?

A: Sometimes, but more often, online campers will be moving, acting, dancing and singing. For this reason, they device they are using for their Zoom sessions should have a secure place to sit or be mounted to allow for maximum flexibility.

Q: Is the Zoom online platform safe?

A: Spindrift School has been using the Zoom online platform to instruct classes since March 2020. Our Zoom safety protocol aligns with the highest standards of other private and public educational institutions, including requiring imbedded passwords in our Zoom links and utilizing the waiting room feature. We continuously monitor best practices for online learning and the Zoom platform remains the safest and most reliable resource for this purpose.

Q: Will my child be online all day?

A: No! It’s true that in most of our camps, we’re creating magical, unique, online shows with our campers, which means Zoom rehearsal and class time. The excitement of creating something with friends is the best part of Spindrift online camp, but it’s also summer! We have structured our online camps to allow for a combination of Zoom time, independent projects, and camp breaks and a shorter camp day allows families schedule flexibility.  

Q: What kind of space at home do I need for online summer camp?

A: Spindrift online campers will be

  • Stretching, moving, and dancing.
  • Singing and vocalizing, sometimes with great expression and volume
  • Collaborating with a group of friends, peers, and instructors
  • Crafting and making

With this in mind, camp space at home should have some clear floor space, be in an area that will not be disruptive to others, and be free of major distractions. It’s home so we expect the occasional sibling, parent, or pet cameo, but the space should allow students to focus and bring their best selves to camp daily.  

Q: How will I get the materials my child needs for camps, such as their script?

A: Spindrift School will provide materials needed for your child’s camp experience. These materials might include a printed script for the production they are working one, craft and making materials for the projects being worked on in camp, costume and set elements, and a Spindrift School sticker for their water bottle or device. Some commonly found household items may also be needed for camp crafting projects. Before the first day of camp, we will deliver camp materials to your porch in a Spindrift School tote bag. Families that live beyond the Pacifica area may receive camp materials through the mail. 

Q: Where will Spindrift instructors be when they lead online camp?

A: The health and safety of our beloved instructors, as well as that of our students, is an important part of why we are going online this summer. In some cases, instructors will be using the Spindrift School studios to lead online camps and direct productions. To maintain physical distancing and proper cleaning protocol, use of our studios by staff will be limited, with appropriate spacing between use. In most cases, our instructors will be leading online camps and directing productions from their homes. Even while teaching from home, Spindrift instructors conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism, something our families have come to expect. That being said, you might get a glimpse of the occasional “Camp Mascot” (aka instructor’s pet) trotting through the room, which can only add to the fun of online camp.