Spindrift offers private lessons in acting. We are available for audition preparation, individual instruction, monologue and scene work. Call the office to check availability.  (650) 738-8648.

gary-schoenfeld-99e2b723Gary Craig Schoenfeld Jr. -Director of Theatre. All levels of Acting, Improve and Musical Theatre. Gary joins the Spindrift Team with a long list of performance & directorial credits Gary has been a teacher with SSPA since early 2016.  He is  part of an outreach team dedicating to bringing quality theatre opportunities to schools all around the Bay Area, teaches in-school drama K-8 at Cabrillo school and does many classes and camps throughout the year. He has always hoped he would have a job like this. He is ready and eager to help inspire the next generation of great artists.

Matthew Keuter: Acting (all levels), Directing, Playwriting, Solo Performance, the Monologue, Dramaturgy for the Actor.
Matthew Keuter is a playwright, director and teacher. He worked extensively with The Active Theater Company in NYC, directing their inaugural production in 2009 and premiering his play Bridgeboy in 2011. He is currently working with Virginia Repertory Theater on his new play River Ditty, which will premiere in April of 2018. In 2013 he was an Artist in Residence at Arizona State University, where he taught master classes on acting and solo performance, and created the multi-media, noir musical, The Tenement, which was invited to the Kennedy Center American Theater College Festival. His plays have been produced in AZ, CA, CO, and NYC. His poetry has appeared in journals across the U.S. The Short Imposition of Living, a book of poetry, is available from Rain Mountain Press, NYC. 

“Teaching is a creative practice, and must continually be invigorating by new explorations of the craft: techniques and pedagogies. Theater is a living, breathing art, in order to practice theater, one must participate in theater. After all, acting is doing! But you have to believe in what you’re doing. By training to be theatrical artists, we are training our ability to believe, to live truthfully inside the imagined circumstances of the play – and sharpen the tools necessary to share those beliefs not only with your fellow actors, but with an audience.”