Date and Time TBA
Location: 1053 Crespi Drive
OPEN AUDITIONS. No sign up required.

Come dressed for dance, hair up, tights or leggings, leotard, and ballet slippers or jazz shoes. Please be prepared to fill out a conflict calendar from Jan through to May. Please bring a photo attached to a dance resume (a list of all dance training/experience).

SDC has 3 months of training and technique classes each September to December that are open to all. In January of each year auditions are held for admission into that year’s company for a 5 month training period with preparation for an annual Dance Concert. SDC is divided into beginning, intermediate, intermediate/advanced and advanced levels and dancers are placed after the January auditions. Below are the benchmarks for each level. Dancers must commit to the 5 month period. During that 5 months they will have two, two hour classes each week.  They must also take an additional dance class in any style they wish with emphasis on ballet basics. Check the website or newsletter in the fall for audition dates.

More information

SDC is a dance company founded in 2007. It was developed for serious dancers interested in continuing their training and passion for dance.  The company explores a variety of dance disciplines while maintaining dance technique with a focus on training the well-rounded performer. Must have ballet and jazz shoes and must be prepared every week in appropriate dance attire. Those who have been a part of the company,  are STRONGLY encouraged to continue their dance training through the summer and to participate in the Fall prep program where the concentration is on technique rather than performance.  Everyone must audition yearly for the company, even if you have participated in SDC in prior sessions.