A couple years ago some one heard that I’d been with Spindrift for years.  “Wow,” she said.  “You must really have the love for being onstage.”  Without really thinking I said “yeah, I guess so,” but that’s not really why I came back to Spindrift year after year.  I came back to Spindrift for summer camp every year because of the friends I’d made.  In four weeks at Spindrift, 30 kids could all become closer than the kids at my elementary school had become in 4 years.  Who wouldn’t look forward to that all year?  For me, Spindrift was always a place full of friends where people bonded by interacting together, by doing something they all loved for one reason or another.

It was also a place of discovery.  Since my first SSPA summer camp, I discovered the importance of friends, my love for theater, and who I really was.  Ten years later, I find myself at UC San Diego pursuing a theater major, still swapping jokes and memories with my old friend Nik, who is pursuing a degree in lighting design at the Cincinnati Conservatory.  I still come back to Spindrift at every opportunity to exchange hugs with Matty, Shannan, Erica, and the rest of the talented performers who spent over half their lives with Spindrift like I did.  If I went on to explain how much a part of me Spindrift has become and all it did for me no one would actually read it all the way through.  But I can say this: when I did my last show at Spindrift before I turned 18, bawled like a [baby] to know I was leaving.  You would have too.  – Student



As I pursue my dream of a career in theatre arts, I am so grateful for the outstanding training and guidance I received from SSPA. ~ Adriana Martinez, Student

Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts,
Musical Theatre/Theatre Tech Department.



While I am not the mom or grandmother of any students enrolled in the Spindrift School of Performing Arts, I am in awe of what the teachers, directors and producers offer the children and teens in different aspects of performing arts.

I have been to many productions and have been able to witness a production from its initial inception to its fruition. Last year, my husband and I began a holiday tradition.  As a Christmas gift, we purchased tickets to the SSPA holiday show for my daughter’s friend’s children, now aged 6 and 8.  We continued it this year and will continue for many years to come.  They have so many material things so we wanted to offer something that they would remember and cherish, as well as introduce them to live theatre.  This gift has meant much to them.  They always want to know when the next show is.  It’s the best gift for not only the children, but for my husband and me as well. Thank you SSPA~Ruth Amber, Pacifica Spindrift Players


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